Conversational agents in research and teaching: ChatGPT, LaMDA and the consequences

3 March 2023 · Christoph Purschke · 1 minute read · #conversations

CuCo Lab Conversations | The team of the Culture & Cmputation Lab


The recent rise of a new generation of language models like ChatGPT and LaMDA has put the potential and dangers of AI at the center of public interest. Conversational agents can be used as versatile sources of information and text for many different purposes. Despite the substantial problems these applications face in terms of response accuracy and data ethics, their success brings about questions regarding the core practices of a university: research and teaching.

With this meeting, the Culture & Computation Lab offers an open space for exchange around the implications of conversational agents for research and teaching. Starting with a brief introduction to the technology behind these systems and existing policies for their use in education, we hope to engage in an open discussion with the members of the department about the chances and challenges chatbots like ChatGPT and LaMDA bring to universities and the public alike.


  • Dr. Alistair Plum
  • Dr. Catherine Tebaldi
  • Prof. Dr. Christoph Purschke