Granola Nazis and Hyperborean Heroes

20 October 2023 · Christoph Purschke · 1 minute read · #conversations

CuCo Lab Conversations | Catherine Tebaldi & Alistiar Plum (CuCo Lab)


In this installment of the CuCo Lab Conversations Catherine Tebaldi and Alistair Plum will speak about their co-authored paper Granola Nazis and Hyperborean Heroes, which looked at the intersections of far-right, health, and masculinity development discourses in Instagram using a variety of quantitative and qualitative tools from semiotics to sentiment analysis. Their analysis showed how far-right users took up language from wellness and personality development to make fascism into a kind of self-project. This talk will present both some of their research findings, and then reflect on the joys and challenges of mixed-methods research in the humanities and in particular, their new critical-mixed methods approach.


  • Dr. Catherine Tebaldi, postdoctoral researcher at CuCo Lab
  • Dr. Alistair Plum, postdoctoral researcher at CuCo Lab